eCommerce Development

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Online Store Development

Shopify vs Amazon

The main difference between selling products on your own E-commerce and Amazon is that E-commerce will help you  establish a retail store in the online world while Amazon is a marketplace. In other words, E-commerce provides you with the tools to build your own online store, while Amazon lets you sell on its marketplace alongside other sellers.

Shopify Online Store

Owning a ecommerce store will increase demand in resources but it will allow you to control how your products are build and it you will be able to establish a connection with your audience. You products are going to become part of a brand and story behind it. Not just commodity.


Amazon is a marketplace platform that lets you sell your products alongside other sellers. Limited customization options make it hard to stand out from the competition. Your products are perceived as one in many and it’s harder to distinguish your offer.

Amazon Product Listing

Amazon Product SEO Optimisation

We are going to localise and optimise the Amazon product listings to help your products rank higher in product searches on and make more sales. We’ll help you to present your products in the best light which will result in more sales. 

Amazon PPC Management

Our team of dedicated Amazon marketers will provide you with an effective framework to make your Amazon PPC advertising pay off.


The Avocado team will provide you with monthly and weekly advertisement reports which will help you have a complete insight into your advertisement performance. 

eComm Photo Studio

The Avocado creative studio will make sure your products look beautiful on Amazon or eCommerce listings. As part of our eCommerce services, we offer photo shooting and video shooting to make sure your product is attractive to your target audience.