Local Support

Reduce the risk of entering a new business market with the help of our localization professional. 

Get the support you need for your logistical, preparatory or tax registration needs.

EU&UK VAT Service

It’s mandatory for all businesses selling products in the European Union to register for a VAT number.
In addition to your VAT ID, you’re required to apply for an Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification number (EORI) in order to import and export products from the Amazon warehouses.
We work with financial experts located in Berlin to ensure all registrations are valid so that you can begin selling your product with ease.

IOR Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance is where all journey begins for your eComm business in EU and Germany. 

To be able to claim your import VAT return Tax office requires complete custom’s document, and we are there for you.

3PL Warehousing

with 24/7 accessible Avocado’s own warehouse we take care of your goods to be shipped and stored safely. by using Avocado’s 3PL service your valuable time and money can be saved subsequently. 

EPR Registration

Save the planet earth! 

Now, EPR registration became a duty as a marketplace seller in Germany and France. 

From product’s data entry to PRO management we will sit right next you and complete the entire process 

Product Certification

In order to defend the diverse public interests and the smooth operation of the single market, the EU has a comprehensive regulatory framework that operates successfully for the safety and compliance of industrial products. The CE Mark serves as a visual cue that a product complies with EU product regulations.

Trademark Registration

For Amazon brand registry and your intellectual property protection in the reason of your sales activity trademark registration is a must! We can put you on the fast track within a few days. 

Your new business support
team is here!